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Twinkies for life: Hostess to shut down but iconic brand will survive

Any babyboomer who has not been sleeping through his or her lifetime knows about Hostess Twinkies. The vanilla cake outside with creamy white filling inside. It was the ultimate kids feel good snack so surgary and soft so calming and satisfying.

Hostess unable to resolve a employee union dispute decided to shut down its operations this week. The reality has been in the air for sometime. The baking company has been in financial difficulty for some years but this union pay strike put the "icing on the cake".

The maker of Wonderbread, Ho Hos, Devil Dogs, Funny Bones and their most famous brand Twinkies is closing up shop rather quickly, however, I believe this will not be the end of this iconic brand.

Twinkies are a part of the fabric of babyboomer lives which is why it makes it such an important brand of long standing. Although the butt of many jokes over the years and less in demand because it is truly unhealthy food, Twinkies nonetheless has a place in our world and will continue to have one. This brand is just too important and meaningful to people to let it die. Without the baggage of the dying manufacturer, a more financially stable baker can swoop in and buy the brand and ensure it stays around for years to come.

Wonderbread, the doughy white bleached flour product that served as sandwich bread for millions in my childhood, has some iconic status as well. However, people of all ages have increasingly forgone using white bread because it is so unhealthy, there are so many alternatives that are more healthy and honestly it won't be missed. It is a symbol of our childhood when eating unhealthy was the norm and most of us have moved on from that point and only see Wonderbread in the rear window.

Twinkies remain a symbol of our collective need for mini-indulgences even today. Our stressful and complex lives yearn for such pick me up products and despite the tons of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, we continue to need such products to turn to if for no other reason than babyboomers are into naustalgia and a need to hold on to some key elements of their childhood as they age. It also tastes amazing when you just want that small satisfaction of uummm good bad stuff in your mouth.

The bottom line is the brand value of Twinkies is very high and undoubtedly this brand will be picked up very soon and back on grocery store shelves before you know it.


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