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Apple losing its MOJO? New Ad campaign just plain boring

Apple had been known for taking risks with its advertising and making the effort especially notable and memorable. From its wild off the charts Superbowl ad years ago to its stark and minimalist but effective comparative ads vs PCs. The company was not only successful for its products and image but also for its "attitude" that struck a cord with baby boomers and the generations below making it a very hot company with a hot stock.

The latest ad campaign is just plain boring. The soft tone creative that is meant to remind people about how Apple products impact our lives and espouses the company's philosophy about "living" is just awful. It unfortunately signals to me that Apple has lost its way is now another boring technology company and for the first time in decades maybe losing its most loyal following to more exciting and more competitive products and companies like Samsung.

Hear my cry Apple. WAKE UP from your comatose state. Or, you risk becoming the Sony of the 90s: irrelevant and ignored.

Watching out for you everyday.



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