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Cheerios multi-cultural TV ad attracting hate comments on YouTube

A recent TV ad for General Mills Cheerios (one of the long standing multi-generation cereal brands still going strong in America) introduced a campaign futuring a multi-cultural family. The creative which brings a multi-race child, white mother and black father together over heart health eating Cheerios depicts an increasingly common site in America: Mixed families.

However, it is not a surprise that such progressive advertising in which General Mills takes a stand of inclusiveness and tolerance is causing a stir of strongly worded hateful postings online. Unfortunately, many Americans mostly over 40 still see this kind of crossing-over family mix as a problem--to some still unacceptable. The ability to use the iternet to anonymously express oneself fosters the expression of such negative hateful opinions.

General Mills has decided to remove the hateful comments on YouTube as well as to disable the comment section altogether instead of dropping the campaign which they believe is reflective of today's society.

I applaud General Mills for this action and wish more companies would follow their lead.

Watching out for you everyday.



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