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Sarah Jessica Parker launches high-end shoe line with Manolo Blahnik

Sarah Jessica Parker the actress most well known for playing Carrie Bradshaw on the extremely popular Sex and the City series is launching a high-end shoe line with the head of Manolo Blahnik. Manolo's are the luxury shoe brand Parker's character made a house-hold name in both the TV series and movies of the same name.

This is not the first time Parker has ventured into the apparel business. Her earlier ventures failed miserably. Her line called Bitten was a low priced fashion brand sold at the now defunct Steve and Barry's collegiete retail chain.

In a blog post written when Bitten first launched I correctly predicted it would die fast. Parker is far better known for the Bradshaw image, a struggling reporter in love with luxury apparel brands on which she would drop months of income to purchase. The Bitten line was based on Parker's real life fashion interests which meant little or nothing to consumers. This was a case of a celebrity and her backers not understanding the brand image that fans most identified with...her character not her real self.

Parker was also miscast as a spokesperson for the Gap for a very short time some years back. Again consumers couldn't see the connection between the Gap and Carrie Bradshaw.

Now, with help from one of the leading luxury shoe and accessories brands, SJP, as the brand will be called, will be launched exclusively at Nordstroms. This time I believe Parker will be far more successful. Her SJP brand will not only sell shoes but also handbags and other accessories, all in the luxury category.

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